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Gen Z’s ‘it’ band TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, HUENINGKAI) released their 5th EP, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION today. The new five-track EP is the band’s first release in approximately nine months, following their 4th EP, minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, which spent 14 weeks on the Billboard 200

The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION is a conceptual album that depicts youth on the brink of adulthood. It follows a group of boys on their journey forward despite obstacles and sweet temptations. The story is one that represents today’s generation as they continue to grow through the challenges of the world.

The EP consists of five tracks in various genres such as pop, rock, hip hop and afrobeat: lead single “Sugar Rush Ride,” “Devil by the Window,” “Happy Fools (feat. Coi Leray),” “Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock),” and “Farewell, Neverland.”


The lead single “Sugar Rush Ride” is an alternative pop dance track with funky guitar sounds and contrasting chorus. It tells the story of a boy who falls to the sweet temptations of a devil. The newly released music video features unique performances with refreshing, dreamy, and sexy charm.

Other tracks in the EP include “Devil by the Window,” “Happy Fools (feat. Coi Leray)” with YEONJUN as topliner and all members as lyricists, trendy afro pop “Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock)” about feeling empty and hollow after a party, and final salute to a beautiful yet utterly irresponsible paradise in the form of “Farewell, Neverland.”