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Dehko feat. Forever Meech & WholeHunnid Los - "Infinity" (Video)

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Dehko touched his first turntable at 12 years old. He started DJing in the underground house party scene in the suburbs of Detroit. Dehko built his cult following on the foundation of his unique Hip-Hop & Dance music mashups he would create and play live. By 18 years old Dehko would be selling out Detroit venues as a headlining act. Eager for more Dehko started producing music to grow interest outside of his hometown. Dehko followed his roots to ultimately bring the two genres of Hip-Hop & Dance music together with his debut album Tektroit . 11 tracks Released in March 2023, Tektroit breaks all the boundaries and expectations of both genres and is being described as a 'new sub-genre of dance music.' Tektroit Volume 1 features Detroit rappers such as G.T., GMO Stax, Snap Dogg, Lil Blade, & more. Dehko plans on revitalizing dance music and bridging the gap between the two genres.