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Electro Pop Artist, Producer and Engineer, MaeThePirate Gets Personal on New Album, Xenon

Los Angeles-based electro pop artist, MaeThePirate, has released her new album, Xenon, today. The album is an amalgamation of diverse moods surrounding Mae’s personal experiences. The long-awaited set of songs ties together the many mental journeys Mae went through not only within a romantic relationship but within herself. Her music delves into the topics of mental illness and social media, and she aims to create a community where people feel comfortable discussing these issues. Her dance-pop sound incorporates her beloved cello in every song, and her uplifting lyrics transform negative aspects of life into positives. Mae's ultimate goal is to build a community where her music serves as a safe haven for those seeking solace and escape. 

Focus track “High,” was written by Mae the first weekend in her brand new apartment after she finally set up her music equipment, thinking that everything would be painful but she really was able to exhale for the first time in months, knowing no ones going to come barging through the door angry. MaeThePirate states, “Right after I left my boyfriend, and I left a terrible abusive situation, I wrote this song when I realized that a lot, if not the majority of this pain, was caused by someone else, and now I’m actually free.” Mae recalls that the Lofi sound on this track was influenced by the new room she was in; she had never mixed in that room, and she had never sung in that room. She elaborates, “My roommate was next door so I didn’t really want him to hear me yelling these lyrics, the shyness of being free but also the light energy of the cello and airy sounds have the energy of someone who is a little shy in her excitement, because truly, I was. I thought he was my everything and that we were meant for each other. And now, after escaping, I’m feeling so high.” 

Meet MaeThePirate - a seasoned musician and audio engineer with an impressive background in music production and live performance. Mae's journey as a musician began at the tender age of 10 when she started tinkering with her sister's piano. After studying Electronic Production and Design at Berklee College of Music, Mae honed her craft by performing with her band at various venues before moving to Los Angeles to work in the film industry. As an experienced recordist and engineer, Mae has worked on numerous shows, including The L Word, Black Mirror, Ozark, and Sex Life. MaeThePirate's unique stage name was inspired by her love for video games and her desire to embrace her heritage. Her last name distantly translates to Viking or Pirate, which is why she continues to use this name to this day. Her musical talents extend beyond composing and playing instruments - Mae is also proficient in audio programming and C# programming, skills she has leveraged to create her own music remixing programs and light displays for her live shows. Mae takes her synesthesia and chromesthesia, meaning she sees colors when hearing music, and uses it to her advantage. “I like to create visuals with the synesthesia in mind, and it has influenced my lighting as well. My music is unique because of my lyrics, my cello, and my synesthesia, and it has evolved over time. I used COVID lockdown to focus on my songwriting, which I used to get over an abusive relationship I was in at the time. If it helped me in those moments, I hope someday it can help other people get out of their bad moments.”