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Multi-talented powerhouse and rising star in the music industry, Kimono Pat, has released his new single “Demon Slayer,” today. This captivating song, inspired by personal experiences and influenced by anime and Japanese culture, promises to resonate deeply with listeners around the world. "Demon Slayer" was born from Kimono Pat's relentless pursuit to connect his personal journey with the struggles that people face every day. The song embodies the emotional rollercoaster of hopelessness and hope, exploring the constant battle between feeling defeated and triumphant. Drawing on instruments such as piano, drums, guitar, and shamisen, the track's eclectic mix creates a mesmerizing fusion of urban pop and Japanese culture. 

Recalling the genesis of "Demon Slayer," Kimono Pat revealed, "I got the idea from watching an anime with the same title, but I wanted to find a way to make it relevant to my experiences and the challenges we all face in life." "Demon Slayer" is set to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving listeners inspired by the message of resilience and the drive to embrace personal evolution. As Kimono Pat himself asserts, "Music is always evolving, and it's essential to stay true to your artistry, drawing from life experiences to continuously evolve as an artist." Inspired by the likes of Jaden Smith, Travis Scott, Amine, Don Toliver, Tobi Lou, as well as legendary producers Timbaland and Pharrell; Kimono Pat has a personal commitment to successfully merge hip-hop with Japanese culture, creating a one-of-a-kind musical and visual experience for his fans. 

A true music aficionado, Kimono Pat's passion for music ignited at a young age, when he found solace in playing various instruments in his grandfather's church in Alabama. Growing up, Kimono Pat found refuge in video games, often losing himself in their captivating worlds. Although anime and Japanese pop culture weren't widely accepted at the time, especially in the South, his fascination with the art form persisted. "My love for Japanese culture and music are the two things that have been with me for the longest. Playing instruments in my grandfather's church since 3rd grade and immersing myself in anime and Japanese pop culture led me to the name 'Kimono Pat,' symbolizing the seamless fusion of these essential aspects of my life," Kimono Pat explained. Guided by this early devotion, he studied music education at Alabama A&M and earned an audio engineering degree at The Los Angeles Recording School. Under the mentorship of esteemed music director Charlie Wilson and through collaborations with award-winning composer Jermaine Stegall, Kimono Pat has emerged as a versatile and gifted artist. His diverse musical expertise has allowed him to craft a sound that transcends genres, merging the best of hip-hop and Japanese cultural influences into an electrifying musical fusion.