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Rockwelz Presents “LL2j” Album Produced by Label Mate Nam Nitty

It’s been said that lightning strikes twice…NY indie artist Rockwelz heard and listened to his worldwide fan base and unveiled the highly anticipated sequel ‘LL2j.’ The 9-track project is entirely produced by label mate Nam Nitty and features lyrical heavyweights John Jigg$, The Bad Seed, The Musalini, and R&B singer J. Waiters.

In celebration and tribute to Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary, Rockwelz showcases a signature flavor on some classic Hip Hop that has influenced him and the culture. He intertwines witty lyricism and storytelling, giving listeners nothing but banger after banger. Hip Hop heads will embrace a nostalgic vibe of ripping open a CD cover or tape and pressing repeat on the boom box.

Rockwelz offers an infectious blend of freshness and smooth talking ignited by fire bars. He illustrates his uncanny, and confident ability to create grown man rap!

Nam Nitty provides a kaleidoscope of soul, boom bap, and innovative soundscapes to encompass and enhance the premise of each track along with the emotive performances by Rockwelz.