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K Smith, the talented nephew of entertainment icon Will Smith, delivers a powerful message with his new single "LOVE KILLS". This hard-hitting collaboration with rising star Yung Kash Capre (YKC) explores the harsh realities of misplaced loyalty on the streets and its devastating consequences.

Set against the gritty backdrop of Philadelphia, the "LOVE KILLS" music video starkly visualizes the song's cautionary message. It highlights the false sense of love that often exists on the streets, warning listeners that misplaced loyalty can lead them down a dark path.

YKC's journey, marked by hardship and triumph, adds depth to the track. His endurance through the loss of his mom and brother in 2021, a shooting, and incarceration have only reinforced his grit and passion for his music career. These experiences have catalyzed the creation of Doggy Dept, marking a new chapter.

For K Smith, stepping away from the microphone to explore and excel in executive roles has brought an enriched perspective to his craft. His reemergence in the music world is a narrative of evolution, as he brings newfound depth to his art.

K Smith and YKC's unique styles blend seamlessly on this track, and it's just a taste of what's to come. Their ongoing collaboration promises a steady stream of powerful music with raw energy and real-life stories.