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From a Prodigy to Working with His Idol: The Rise of FLO the Songwriter

Everyone has an idol they’ve looked up to. This happens to people in all industries. Having a personality to admire either for their achievements or character is motivating. It inspires you to become a better version of yourself, which was the case with FLO the songwriter. He rose from being a nobody to working with his idol to entertain fans with their music.

FLO is a Chicago-native hip-hop artist who grabbed the spotlight because of his lyrical artistry. As a songwriter, FLO knows how to arrange words to match any rhythm and theme. And one thing interesting about him is that FLO worked his way up from nothing. His work and dedication made him the person he is today. But if he didn’t come from money, how did he make it in such a competitive industry?

FLO wants to encourage others to stand on their feet through his music. He shares his experience as someone who built himself up from scratch and earned everything he owns through hard work. His consistent effort has been rewarded with success, which he gladly shares with others. But what makes him stand out in the highly competitive music industry is his versatility as an artist. FLO aims to “attack any beat or track in a unique way by compiling complex rhyme writing with simple hook concepts yet having the ability to rap fast or even sing." He is perfect at songwriting but still working on his voice and singing ability.

FLO has released his solo debut album titled Perseverance. This album has been warmly received by his fans. His latest single release, “For The Customers,” featuring Chicago rap legend Twista, is FLO’s newest collaborative hit. You can listen to his album and singles on all digital streaming platforms.

Success has been part of FLO’s career. First, FLO says working with his greatest idol Twista is the best thing that ever happened to him. He is proud to share a platform with Twista, who loves his work and supports his records. FLO has also worked with other big names, such as Crucial Conflict, Lil Flip, Lil Wyte, Do or Die, Kobe Honeycutt, and many more. He is also proud of his impact on people who listen to his music and the songs he has contributed to the entertainment world.

However, FLO did go through his fair share of challenges in the industry to get where he is today. As a prodigy without financial backing, he also struggled to help his friends and family battle drug and alcohol addiction, which made it difficult for him to focus on his music. But he was fortunate to overcome all the challenges he faced through writing music. He now lives to inspire others. 

"Sometimes I may be sad or hurt, and other songs I write may be kinda fun," FLO shares. "I just want to write in the present so that when people are on this journey of life, they can feel in their present moment that I, too, went through the same. Hopefully, it will inspire them to keep fighting for something bigger or to just be able to let loose and have fun."